Fun at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

image1 (3) watermarkCandid Session- May 11, 2017

“A visit to a museum is a search for beauty, truth, and meaning in our lives. Go to museums as often as you can.” –Maira Kalman

Today’s visit to HMNS was spur of the moment, sparked by a car accident and the opportunity to entertain my little guy. We were driving on 59, approaching 610, when my Waze app notified me there was an accident ahead. Sure enough, the traffic to get onto the Loop from 59 was ridiculous so I suggested we go to the museum. It was early in the morning still, I think before 9:30 am so I knew it would be a perfect time to visit.

I pulled into the parking lot off of Hermann Park Circle and actually found a spot immediately! Those of you who are familiar with parking at the zoo and the museum district know how amazing that is. So, little man and I walked the short walk to HMNS and spent about an hour or so inside. Here are some highlights from our walk around the museum (side note: all photos were taken with my iPhone):

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“Nobody ever flunked a science museum.”  –Frank Oppenheimer

     First stop was, of course, the dinosaurs. We went around several times because little man HAD to see his very favorite, T Rex. He think they are the coolest and will tell anyone who will listen that T Rex is his favorite. We looked at  dozens of other fossils and bones (with little man giving new names to some of them: slothasaurus, turtleasaurus, etc.)



We moved on the the Texas Wildlife Cabinet Curiosities which was pretty cool. They had dozens of drawers you could open to see different treasures hidden inside. This one was one of my favorites: different bird eggs. Little man wanted to know if he could open them (he LOVES opening Easter egg and surprise eggs).

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“If you think museums are boring, you’re doing it wrong.”  

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Next up was the gemstone and mineral exhibit which was gorgeous. I’m a sucker for anything sparkly. By this time there were approximately 9,436 school kids of all ages taking tours with their teachers and chaperones. So, to get out of the craziness we went to what ended up being my favorite exhibit.




image2 watermark


“His life was one long extravaganza, like living inside a Fabergé egg.” –John Lahr

I wish I had had my Canon or my Sony because these displays were nothing short of incredible. The photos here don’t do them justice. There were picture frames, opera glasses, cigarette cases, pendants, figurines- all decked out in diamonds and gold.

(That blue tiara…….drool).

Quite possibly the most interesting piece was this elephant, which is on loan to HMNS by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It’s a “surprise” piece as there is a key which upon insertion will cause the elephant to walk and move its head. Just at a quick glance it looks like a regular plastic toy when in reality it is made of ivory, gold, diamonds, and a few other materials. Such a quaint little item!

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